Connection cable for fiber optic router

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Which Fiber Optic Cable Do I Need?

To connect a router to a fiber optic connection, you need a fiber optic cable that is compatible with the SFP module plugged into your router and the fiber optic wall socket of your internet service provider. The type of connector needed depends on the connection technology and the wall socket. Fiber optic cables mainly differ in the shape and polish of the connectors. Typically, there are two different connector shapes, LC and SC, and three different polish types, APC, PC, and UPC.

As an example: If you are using a router like the FRITZ!Box, you will need to check the specifications of the FRITZ!SFP module that is plugged into the FRITZ!Box.

  • SFP Module FRITZ!SFP AON: Required connector is LC/APC (small green connector).
  • SFP Module FRITZ!SFP GPON: Required connector depends on the provider, often LC/APC.
  • SFP Module FRITZ!SFP XGS-PON: Required connector is SC/UPC (large blue connector).

Additionally, you should check the specifications of your internet service provider's fiber optic wall socket to see which type of connector is

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