Power adapter Italy

Italy Adapters - Versatile Solutions for Power Supply in Italy and Germany

Our range of adapters for the Italian market provides you with a wide array of options for power supply. Whether you require a 3-pin, 2-pin, or specialized power cables, we have the right solution to meet your business needs.

Key Features of Our Category:

  • 3-Pin and 2-Pin Adapters: Our selection includes adapters with different numbers of pins, providing high flexibility for using devices in Italy.

  • Using Italian Power Cables in Germany: We also offer specific solutions to safely and efficiently operate Italian devices in Germany.

  • German Power Cables in Italy: Our range of adapters enables devices with Schuko or Euro plugs to function seamlessly in Italy.

  • High-Quality Construction: All products are robustly made and suitable for industrial use, making them especially durable and reliable.


Power adapter Italy CEE 7/3 female to ITA 3pin male type L, YL-4523, DINIC Blister
2,88 EUR
plus 19% tax
Power adapter Power adapter C13 female to ITA CEI 23-16 3pin male type L, YL-4512
Sliding scale prices:
1-99 units per 1,23 EUR
> 99 units per 0,99 EUR
1,23 EUR
plus 19% tax
Power adapter Italy 3pin female to CEE 7/7 male, YP-2245
1,52 EUR
plus 19% tax
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Whether you are planning a short business trip to Italy or seeking a long-term solution for operating your devices in multiple countries, you'll find the suitable adapter or power cable for your needs in this category.