Power Cables and Cross-Section: A Crucial Detail

When selecting power cables, also referred to as electrical cables, the consideration of the cable cross-section is crucial. Typically, three-pin power cables for 10A have a cross-section of 0.75mm² up to a length of 2 meters. As soon as the cable length exceeds the 2-meter mark, the cross-section of the electrical cables increases to 1mm² and further rises to 1.5mm² for cable lengths from 5 meters.

Regulation of Cable Cross-Sections in Power Cables: A Globally Recognized Standard

It's important to know that a smaller cross-section than these standards for electrical cables is not permissible in most countries for safety reasons. These cross-section standards ensure sufficient performance for the everyday use of power cables but only offer the minimum level of safety and efficiency.

High-Performance Power Cables: More Than Necessary

For those not satisfied with the 'sufficient' and seeking above-average performance of their electrical cables, we offer an advanced option. Our range includes power cables with C13 plugs that already have a cross-section of 1.5mm² from a length of 1.80 meters. These high-performance power cables thus offer more than standardized quality - they exceed minimal requirements.
Assortment with 1.5 mm² cross-section

Power Cables and Certification: Highest Safety and Superior Performance

In addition to meeting all country-specific approvals, such as VDE certification, these special power cables offer superior performance and safety. With such an electrical cable, you acquire not only a certified product, but a cable that goes a step further in terms of safety and performance. These high-performance power cables are more than just certified products - they represent a new level of safety and efficiency in the world of power supply.


Assortment 1.5mm²

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Custom Made

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