Power cable Brazil BR

In this category, you will find a comprehensive range of power cables specifically designed for the Brazilian market. Our power cables of types C7, C5, and C13 are INMETRO-certified and meet the high quality and safety standards essential for the B2B sector.

Product Variety

Whether for computers, laptops, servers, or projectors, you'll find the right power cord for each of your devices here. Choose between different lengths, cross-sections, and colors to meet your specific needs.

Quality and Material

All cables in this category are made from high-quality H05VV-F material, ensuring both flexibility and durability. The INMETRO certification guarantees that all our products meet the most stringent quality and safety standards.

Reliability and Safety

Our power cables provide a reliable and secure power supply for your electronic devices. The 3-pin plugs are robust and ensure a stable connection.

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Everything you need to know about Brazilian power cords

Brazilian power cords operate with an electrical supply system voltage of 127V/220V and a frequency of 60Hz. The rated current is 10A for power cords and connectors that are plugged into an outlet.

In Brazil, the NBR 14136 plug and socket device for two-pin and three-pin connectors is widely used. These plugs have flat or round pins and are designed for use in household appliances, office equipment, and industrial plants. Most power cords and plugs comply with the regulations and standards of NBR 14136 and have a certification from INMETRO, the national institute of metrology, quality, and technology.

MAG GmbH has obtained the INMETRO certification for its Brazilian power cords. This certification confirms that the power cords comply with the safety and quality standards required in Brazil for the operation of electrical devices and systems. With this certification, customers in Brazil can be assured that they are purchasing high-quality and reliable power cords from MAG GmbH that meet the strict requirements of the Brazilian market.