USB-C to A Cables by DINIC


Quality Meets Versatility

In our extensive range of cables and adapters, we present to you our high-quality USB-C to A cables from our in-house brand DINIC. Our products meet all the requirements for modern and reliable cabling for professional applications.

Diverse Selection

Our USB-C to A cables come in various lengths to provide maximum flexibility in every installation scenario. Additionally, you have the choice between classic colors like black and white, which seamlessly integrate into any setup.

Application Examples

  • Fast Data Transfer: Ideal for connecting USB-C-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to USB-A ports, such as those found on desktop computers or older notebook models.
  • Charging and Synchronization: Effortlessly connect your USB-C smartphone or tablet to a USB-A charger or computer for efficient charging and data transfer.
  • Peripheral Devices: Use our cables to connect USB-C-enabled peripherals like printers, external hard drives, or cameras to USB-A ports.

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DINIC Quality

As part of MAG GmbH, the DINIC brand stands for high-quality cables and adapters characterized by durability, reliability, and optimal transmission rates. Rely on quality, rely on DINIC.