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Special case Italy,

here, at least for 3-pin plugs, a different standard has become established with the type-L plug. The usual 2-pin plugs (Type-C) fit into these sockets without any problems, so there is no other standard here. In new tourist buildings, however, you will often find the usual European system type F, for reasons of compatibility.

Countries: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City

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Type C 2-pin power cable for Italy

2-pol Stecker

Most of Europe and various other countries around the world.

Type C plug - (YP-21A)
Also referred to as Europlug and is defined by CENELEC standard EN 50075 as "a flat molded two-pin plug, 2.5A/250V, with cord for connection of class II (class II) equipment for household or similar purposes". There are many nationally compatible counterparts in the world.

Plug C7 - (YC-13)
Small appliance plug IEC 60320-C7, known as Euro or Euro 8 plug, is approved by VDE for consumption up to 2.5A at a maximum operating temperature of 70°C.