USB-C to B Cables by DINIC

Quality Meets Versatility

Our in-house brand DINIC's USB-C to B cables stand for the highest quality and reliability. They are specifically designed for professional applications and meet all standards for modern and efficient cabling.

Diverse Selection

Choose from various lengths to ensure optimal flexibility in any application scenario. Our cables are available in the classic colors black and white, allowing seamless integration into any professional environment.

Application Examples

  • Printers and Scanners: Our cables are perfect for connecting printers, scanners, and other peripherals with a USB-B port to USB-C-enabled computers and laptops.
  • Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment: Effortlessly connect USB-C devices to digital musical instruments or professional audio equipment that have a USB-B port.
  • Industrial Applications: In production facilities and laboratory environments, our cables can be used to connect specialized machines and equipment.


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DINIC Quality

The DINIC brand is an integral part of MAG GmbH and stands for durable, reliable cables and adapters with optimal transmission rates. Rely on DINIC for your professional requirements.