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Power Cables and Electrical Cables for the USA, America, Canada, Mexico

Within MAG GmbH's portfolio, business customers will find an extensive range of UL-certified electrical cables designed specifically for the North American market, covering the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our cables come equipped with NEMA plugs and meet the highest quality and safety standards, making them ideal for professional applications, including medical facilities, with availability as Hospital Grade.

Advantages of MAG GmbH:

  • UL-Certification: All our cables are UL-certified, meeting the highest standards for safety and performance.
  • Hospital Grade: We offer specialized cable variants designed for critical medical environments.
  • Quick Delivery: Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse, we guarantee fast order processing and delivery.
  • Customized Solutions: In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom cables and connectors for specialized requirements.

Choose MAG GmbH as your reliable partner in the field of electrical cables and power supply. With our decades of experience and our commitment to quality, we can reliably meet your needs for premium products for the North American market.


Power cable America USA NEMA 5-15P, type B to C13 90°, AWG18, SVT, approvals: UL/CSA, black, length 1.80m
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2,62 EUR
plus 19% tax
Power Cable America USA NEMA 5-15P, Type B to C13, AWG14, SJT, Approvals: UL/CSA, black, length 1.80m
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4,99 EUR
plus 19% tax
Power Cable America USA NEMA 5-15P, Type B to C13, AWG14, SJTOW, Approvals: UL/CSA, black, length 3.00m
Sliding scale prices:
1-29 Stück per 7,99 EUR
> 29 Stück per 7,66 EUR
7,99 EUR
plus 19% tax
1 to 24 (from a total of 24)

 The NEMA plug for America

Type A: 2-pin connector, NEMA 1-15P
Connector with two flat contacts arranged parallel to each other. The plug is usually used for small consumers with 110V, but is rated up to 15A. In connection with a C7 plug, please note that this is only approved up to 10A according to UL and since 2018 only with 7A.
Type B: 3-pin plug, NEMA 5-15P
The NEMA 5-15P plug has 2 flat parallel pins for phase and neutral and a round, longer pin for earthing. It is used for max. 120V 60Hz installations.
The Hospital Grade Connector
UL Specification 60601-1 specifically states that all patient-related precautionary equipment must have power cords with Hospital Grade connectors.
  •     The metal pins must be solid brass to prevent breakage.
  •     Strain relief must be provided on the inside of the plug for stress reduction and reliable grounding.
  •     The product must be marked with both a green dot and the words "Hospital Grade".

    What does AWG mean for cables?

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge = actual cross-section in mm².
AWG12 = 3.31mm², AWG16 = 1.31mm², AWG13 = 2.63mm², AWG17 = 1.04mm², AWG14 = 2.08mm², AWG18 = 0.823mm², AWG15 = 1.65mm², AWG20 = 0.519mm²


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