Power cable - Rest of the world

Power cable - Rest of the world

Chile and Libya

Due to the given plug design, the 3 pole Italian power cable can also be used in Chile and Libya.

If necessary, check whether the CEI specification is sufficient in the respective country.

Country: Chile Voltage: 220 V Frequency: 50 Hz
Country: Libya Voltage: 127-230 V Frequency: 50 Hz

Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia

Only the plug type G, also known as BS 1363, is used here. This is a plug originating from Great Britain, which is used in the field of electrical power supply of households and generally in the low-voltage network. The plug is equipped with a fuse of 3A, 5A, 10A or even 13A.


Power cable Taiwan type B to C13, 1,25mm², Approval: BSMI, black, length 1,83m
Sliding scale prices:
1-99 units per 2,99 EUR
> 99 units per 2,49 EUR
2,99 EUR
plus 19% tax
1 to 1 (from a total of 1)

Which plug in which country.

In some countries e.g.: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France the same connectors are used as in Germany (CEE 7/7).
In Italy (IT) and Switzerland (CH) at least the 2-pole power cables are the same as in Germany, with 3-pole do not fit. Otherwise, most countries in this world have their own connections such as: DK Denmark, UK England, USA America, JPN Japan, CHN China, AUS Australia, ISR Israel, RSA South Africa, IND India.........

"Conclusion: unfortunately, the power plugs of this world are not standardized and this is also true for Europe"