Power cable Denmark DK

Overview: Our "Denmark DK Power Cables" category features a curated selection of power cords specifically designed for use in Denmark. Equipped with the Danish Type K plug, these cables meet the stringent electrical standards required in Denmark, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in both professional and personal settings.

Key Features:

  • Plug Type: Type K (DK DPin), often angled at 90° for space-efficient connections.
  • Variety: Available in lengths ranging from 1.00m to 5.00m, catering to diverse requirements.
  • Quality: Constructed with durable materials like H05VV-F and certifications like VDE and DEMKO ensure safety and longevity.
  • Applications: Ideal for connecting computers, office devices, home theater systems, and more.

Target Audience: These cables are perfect for customers in Denmark or those needing to operate devices with a Danish plug type, whether for private or professional use.

Conclusion: Our selection of Danish DK Power Cables offers reliable, safe solutions for your power supply needs, suitable for a variety of use cases.

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