• Where and how can I redeem coupons / discount codes?

Coupons / discount codes can only be redeemed in the online store at www.mag-kabel.de and only during the specified period. The promotional code can only be redeemed before completing the ordering process, in the shopping cart. Subsequent accounting is not possible.

  • Scheduling of orders

The scheduling of orders is only possible in exceptional cases (up to three months in advance) and requires our express consent. Scheduling of orders is generally not possible for online orders, thus the possibility of claiming the online discount or discount codes is not applicable here.


Question: What are the payment methods for customers from Germany and other countries?

Answer: For our customers from Germany, we offer the convenient option of payment on account.

For customers outside of Germany, payment is expected in advance or via PayPal. If you are located outside of Germany and prefer to purchase on account, you can apply for it here:

Application: Purchase on account

Please note that we examine each request individually and reserve the right to reject the purchase on account in certain cases.