Power cable Thailand

Power cable Thailand

Note on power cord for Thailand

The type O plug rated at 16 amps is one of the official standards in Thailand. it is only used in Thailand. This standard is described in the TIS166-2549 standard. The Thai authorities wanted to combine the different standards that prevail in their domestic network. The most common sockets in Thailand are compatible with type A & B (USA) and type C & E/F (CEE7/16 & CEE7/7 EUR) plugs. In 2008, the Thai government banned the sale of devices equipped with Type E/F because, although they are conditionally compatible with Type O, they are considered dangerous because when they are used, the grounding of the Type E/F plug is not connected to that of the Type O outlet.

The desire to introduce a Type O plug has proven impractical. There are no Type O receptacles, except as hybrid versions that also accept Type A & B. As a result, very few cable factories manufacture the Type O plug and even fewer have the national safety certificate. Device manufacturers tend to include a US cable as this is the only viable solution for the end user to connect the device. This can be confusing because the US plug, if certified, has a 120V embossed on the plug. Thailand, on the other hand, uses 220V. The 120V refers to the UL requirement when the cable is used in the US and not the electrical rating of the plug.

For the foreseeable future, Yung-Li will not develop the Type-O plug because the market demand is extremely low compared to the investment.

"Bottom line: device manufacturers tend to include a U.S. cable because it is the only viable solution for the end user."

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