Smartphone & Tablet


Premium Cables and Adapters for Smartphones and Tablets – Experience the Quality of the DINIC Brand by MAG

At MAG, we understand how essential it is that your mobile devices are always ready for use. That's why we present to you a comprehensive range of high-quality cables, adapters, and chargers from our own brand, DINIC, specifically developed for smartphones and tablets. From USB and Lightning cables, versatile adapters, to fast and efficient chargers - our DINIC products ensure optimal charging comfort and reliable data transfer.

Lightning (iPhone u. iPad)

Discover the reliability and speed of our DINIC Lightning cables and accessories. Specifically designed for iPhones and iPads, these products ensure fast and secure data transfer as well as efficient charging of your devices.

Micro USB Cables & Accessories

Our DINIC Micro-USB cables and accessories are robust and flexible, ideal for a wide range of devices. Whether you want to charge your smartphone or tablet or transfer data - with our Micro-USB products from DINIC, it's a breeze.

USB Car Charger Adapter

With the DINIC USB car charger adapters, you can easily charge your mobile devices on the go. These high-performance adapters ensure that your battery never runs out while traveling.

USB Charger Adapter

The DINIC USB charger adapters are perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go. They provide a fast and efficient charge, keeping your devices fully charged and ready to use.

USB C Adapter

Expand your connectivity options with the DINIC USB-C adapters. Whether for data transfer or charging - our adapters are robust and reliable.

USB C to A, B, Micro-A Cables

The DINIC USB-C to A, B, Micro-A cables allow you a fast and secure connection of your devices. They are ideal for data transfer and charging your devices.

USB C to C Cables

Discover the advantages of the latest technology with our DINIC USB-C to C cables. They provide lightning-fast data transfer and efficient charging of your devices.

With DINIC products from MAG, you always stay well connected. Discover our high-quality cables, adapters, and chargers for smartphones and tablets and experience the difference.