Power cable CEE 7/7 to C19

High-Performance Power Cable CEE 7/7 to C19

Explore our range of premium DINIC power cables, designed for reliable and safe power supply to devices up to 16A. Ideal for servers, high-power IT hardware, industrial machines, and professional audio/video technology, our cables offer versatility and high quality.

Product Features:

  • Connector Types: Choose between straight and 90° angled C19 connectors for flexible installation in various settings.
  • Length Variants: Available in 1.80m, 3.00m, and 5.00m to meet different requirements and application areas.
  • High-Quality Construction: With cable cross-sections of 1mm² and 1.5mm², perfect for long-lasting and stable power supply.
  • IEC Lock Option: Available with and without IEC Lock locking for added security.


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