Fibre optic cable

Professional Fiber Optic Cables for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Discover with us a wide range of professional fiber optic cables designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our high-quality fiber optic cables ensure reliable and low-loss data transmission, making them perfect for telecommunications, data networks, and industrial applications.

Optical fiber OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4 50/125

OM1 has 62.5µ = (62.5/125) and has a maximum range of:
1 Gigabit/s = up to 275 m - 10 Gigabit/s = up to 33 m

OM2, OM3 and OM4 has = 50µ (50/125) and has a range of maximum:
1 Gigabit/s = OM2 fiber (50µ) up to 550 m - OM3 fiber (50µ) up to 1000 m - OM3 fiber (50µ) up to 1000 m
10 Gigabit/s = OM2 fiber (50µ) up to 84 m - OM3 fiber (50µ) up to 300 m - OM4 fiber (50µ) up to 500 m

40 Gigabit/s = OM4 fiber (50µ) up to 125 m

As a rule, OM2 or OM3 50/125 is used as the standard cable in the EDP sector, but OM4 50/125 is definitely downward compatible with OM2 or OM3 and can therefore also be used as a substitute.

"Conclusion: We recommend OM4".


OS1 in 9µ (9/125) is used exclusively in singlemode operation and is only installed in exceptional cases, here ranges of up to 40 km are possible.


Surface finish PC, SPC, UPC or APC

Our cables, without further reference, are of type PC (physical contact).

For the connection of two optical fibers there are different couplings or surface coatings.

Singlemodel fiber optic cable

For singlemode these are PC (physical contact), SPC (super physical contact), UPC (ultra physical contact) and APC (angled physical contact).
The surface of the fiber optic cable has different coatings (polished).

FO coupling Abbreviation for return loss:

  • PC = Physical Contact 35 dB
  • SPC = Super Physical Contact SPC 40 dB
  • UPC = Ultra Physical Contact UPC 50~55 dB
  • APC = Angled Physical Contact APC 60~65 dB


With APC, the surface is additionally equipped with an angle of 8 or 9 degrees and provides the best return loss.

However, the most common variant is PC.

Multimode fiber optic cable

With multimode it is usually always PC. Mostly UPC is used incorrectly in this context. What is often meant is only a slightly improved PC variant, but not a true Ultra PC.

For multimode it is quite difficult to achieve a return loss of more than 35dB, which is why the return loss is often not specified.