Power Cables with Open Ends

Immerse yourself in our diverse selection of power cables with open ends, specifically designed for the demanding requirements of production and trade. Our power cables are available in various lengths to meet your specific needs and offer a flexible solution for your power supply needs.

This category includes cables made of different materials, including the versatile H05VV-F and the robust H07RN-F rubber/neoprene, to ensure the durability and reliability you need for your projects. Our power cables with open ends are ideal for a variety of applications and can easily be adapted to your specific power supply requirements.

In addition, our cables are available with all common certifications, including NF, DEMKO, FINKO, KEMA, CEBEC, OVE, IMQ, SEV, and SAA, to provide you with the safety and quality you need. These certifications confirm that our products meet the highest international standards and provide you with the safety and performance you can expect from a leading provider of power cables.

Performance features of our power cables with open ends:

  • Various lengths for flexible application possibilities
  • High-quality materials such as H05VV-F and H07RN-F rubber/neoprene
  • All common certifications such as NF, DEMKO, FINKO, KEMA, CEBEC, OVE, IMQ, SEV, SAA
  • Ideal for use in production and trade


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